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Combination of Safety & Aesthetic Design

With Safety & Aesthetic in mind

With Safety And Aesthetic In Mind

Emerging from the field of vertical and horizontal transportation engineering, Sanyo characterizes the epitome of technological fineness in escalator and travelator innovations.

With the objective of bridging the gaps in urban living without compromising comfort, Sanyo applies the latest in technologies and innovative designs that result in the production of stunningly stylish, yet safe equipments. Sanyo’s escalator and travelator achieved the requisites of the smoothest and most comfortable ride by interweaving performance with reliability.

Advanced engineering for the best in amenities and a leader in escalator and travelator technology, the system of transporting people is given a whole new meaning ; thus making Sanyo the pinnacle of technological amenity of the society.

Brief Description of Main Equipment

Sanyo escalators have been designed to serve people of all shapes and sizes, all ages and abilities from all walks of life. Sanyo escalators are at work moving people everywhere. It is with these in mind that numerous safety and sturdy equipments have been inherently incorporated into Sanyo escalators.

Years of dedication and experience has lead Sanyo to arrive at functionalities that confidently spell out comfort, safety, efficiency and reliability. A brief description of the safety features and main equipment of the Sanyo escalator are outlined as follows:

Drive Unit

The drive unit is a high quality helical geared motor that has been specifically designed for the Sanyo escalators. Its efficient, smooth and quite operation out classes the traditional transmission drives


The truss is fabricated from rectangular steel tubes which provide added strength when compared to steel angles. The stronger construction is an essential enhancement in terms of safety and also results in lower risk of deformation through continued usage.

Handrail Color

Glass Color

Different Step Type

Conducing comfort and convenience to the traditional stairs, escalators can be a useful addition in a building. It is generally a set of moving staircase allowing its passengers to move up or down from one floor to another; a conveyor transport device for carrying people between floors of a building.

At Sanyo, our legacy of excellence has been developed with safety and performance in mind. Sanyo Escalators are built in the combination of aesthetic and utility values, resulting in a blend of perfection where comfort meets technological creativity.

Aesthetic features such as attractive balustrade designs and slim line handrail profile exude grace and elegance while its construction provides strength and reliability. Aesthetic value is further enhanced with escalators creatively and flexibly designed in harmony with its surrounding environment.

Sanyo escalator is an efficient people moving system that offers high performance reliability. The microprocessor controller and helical geared drive system incorporates the latest available technology for maximum efficiency and low power consumption. Sanyo escalators are easy to install and require minimal building space and cater to every need of its customer.

The many benefits of escalators can be explored via Sanyo’s wide range of escalator models for the consideration and varying needs of urban society’s living.

Simple and Deckless Design

This escalator is designed for simplicity and streamline look. The balustrade is slimmer and with no protruding decks. The handrail curves gracefully at the newal area thus further enhancing the appearance of this escalator.

Yellow Demarcation Comb and Cleats

A yellow demarcation comb at the rear edge and yellow cleats on both sides will help to identify clear definition of the steps at ease. These measures make boarding the escalator safe and easy.

High Position Belt

The belt enters the inlet at a higher position thus giving the handrail a greater ground clearance, and this will ensure a smooth journey for the passenger.

More Accessible Button Position

The Emergency Stop Button is located at a more easily accessible position and closer to the end of the skirt guard.